Digital Advertising for Lawyers

Lead Generation and Targeted Branding

Digital Advertising for Attorneys

Online Video Advertising is the process by which your law firm can begin displaying it’s video advertisement to thousands of consumers, on the most popular websites across the Internet. With access to 99% of all online video viewers, our clients receive impressions on websites, such as Hulu, ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, Facebook, The Huffington Post, YouTube, and over 10,000 more websites and applications.

Attorneys are using Online Video Advertising for (4) primary reasons. Between cost, reach, targeting, and reporting, attorneys can generate new clients in ways that were not previously available.


Online Video Advertising is where Google Adwords was seven years ago. With quality video advertisements being a barrier to entry, small businesses have not oversaturated the market.

Cost Per Impression – Our clients average ($0.01 – $0.07) per impression.

Cost Per Click – Our clients average ($1.00 – $6.00) cost-per-click.


With access to over 99% of all online video viewers, our clients are able to advertise their videos on the Internet’s most popular websites. Regardless of which websites or apps your potential clients use, we can reach them.


Our clients target consumers based on demographics, geo-graphics, search history, credit score, purchase history, income level, occupation, and over 10,000 more data segments. With such targeting precision, attorneys can now find the clients they want.


Our clients receive phone and email support, as well as monthly reports, including analytics for impressions, views, completion rates, clicks, cost-per-click, click-through-rate, and much more.

Google Analytics – Campaigns are connected to your law firm’s Google Analytics.

Digital Advertising Strategies
  • Retargeting – Website visitors will be retargeted with advertisments across the internet
  • Contextual – People reading articles relevant to a campaign will receive advertisements
  • GeoFencing – Establishing a virtual fence around a physical location for targeting
  • Data Onboarding – Uploading CRM data online and advertising to those people
  • Lookalike Modeling – Advertising to people similar to current website visitors

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