About Us

Our Services

Local Lawyer Guide is a digital agency for attorneys, with an emphasis on video production, video marketing, and online video advertising. We produce award-winning video for attorneys using our 35 studio locations nationwide. Our free video marketing services allow attorneys to upload their legal videos to Local Lawyer Guide, where consumers can proceed to Search, Watch, and Hire attorneys in their local area. We also provide online video advertising services to attorneys who are interested in quality lead generation for their law firm. We ensure your videos are reaching the right people through thousands of data points, including demographics, geo-graphics, context, and  user behavior.

Our Mission

Local Lawyer Guide is determined to improve the consumer experience when searching for the right attorney online. We are also committed to creating the largest legal video search engine in the world. Simultaneously, we are improving the overall perception that consumers have of lawyers. Lawyers are people who have dedicated their lives to helping others prevail through difficult times and video helps illustrate this.

The Company

Local Lawyer Guide was founded by an attorney as a platform for attorneys and consumers of legal services. He wanted to create a platform that truly benefited both consumers and attorneys. Attorneys are provided a true return on their investment by using video to improve lead generation, conversion, and overall firm branding. Meanwhile, consumers are given the opportunity to Search, Watch, and Hire attorneys in their local area.

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Local Lawyer Guide 4900 N. Scottsdale Rd. Scottsdale, Arizona 85251